My primary research area is syntax, focusing on the nature of syntactic representations and dependencies, the way these interact with other cognitive processes, and the way they are acquired over the lifespan. I have worked on many languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese. I am especially interested in experimental techniques for the study of sentence acceptability and I direct the Experimental Syntax Lab. Alongside my purely scientific work, I have a longstanding interest in how linguistic research can improve people’s lives, particularly in the area of second language learning.


27 chapters written by top scholars on all aspects of experimental syntax. Includes a chapter by me on how and why to do sentence acceptability experiments.

A collection of previously published articles from all stages of my career, plus a completely new chapter on cross-linguistic variation in island effects.

An introductory-level textbook in Spanish based on a video corpus of spontaneous interviews with hundreds of Spanish speakers in Latin America and Spain and using active learning / "desirable difficulty" techniques to promote engagement and learning.

An extended argument that natural language makes use of three-dimensional structures that go beyond the syntactic representations typically assumed. Contains extensive discussion of coordination, causatives, and restructuring.


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